Apr. 16th, 2010

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My Pokemans, let me show you them.

Does anyone have a Growlithe? If you have a Growlithe, I will capture a Vulpix and trade you for it!

This is a nerdy post about my team. I THINK I CAN ALMOST CATCH ME A LUGIA I AM EXCITED.

QUILAVA (Selket) lvl.29 (male, sigh) <--- :( in Silver my Typhlosion was female!
FLAAFY (Holly) lvl.27 (female! whoo!) <-- In Silver I had an Ampharos called Holly
MURKROW (Harpy) lvl.25 (female)
TOGETIC (Eastra) lvl.23 (female!) <--- actually half decent
POLIWAG (Tlaloc) lvl.21 (male)

I had an Onix but it was shit so I ditched it. Now I have Shuckie in my team but I have never used it ever and I never will.

Selket is not a god of fire, nor is she a boy. But I like the name. So there. Selket is a Scorpion goddessof poison and stings and such. She was a protective goddess.
I called my Cyndaquill Selket to make myself feel better about not being able to get a girl one.

Tlaloc is an Aztec god of rain, fertility and water.

Eastra is a version of the name of a germanic goddess of fertility and eggs and hares and shit. Togepi is an egg. Also it's amusing. I might change the spelling of the name to Eastre or Ostara, but probably not.

I want a Totodile so I can call it Sobek. But Typhlosion is WAYHEAPS cooler than Feraligatr.


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